Wedding Party

Katherine Batey

Maid of Honor

Best Friends and softball teammates since way back in the 1990's, Lauren and Katherine have been together through everything! Hundreds of sleepovers ended up with us planning a "joint sweet sixteen" to even our future weddings. Now, even living in separate states doesn't keep them apart!

Nicole Bailey


From middle school volleyball to church group shenanigans, Nicole and Lauren are still the best of friends. One day maybe they will open a dog rescue together.

Samantha Jarrell


Sami and Lauren met waaay back in the second grade, but didn't become best friends until middle school when they shared their love for Panic! At The Disco. Sami and Lauren like to frequently go out for Mexican food and lounge around with a nice bottle of wine.

Neusha Khaleghi


Neusha and Lauren became friends in middle school, introduced through volleyball and continuing on through church groups. They spent countless amounts of weekends at Neusha's, TP-ing other friends houses and trying the different Persian foods her mom would cook up.

Martha Martinez


Martha and Lauren became best friends after being introduced through an intramural volleyball team. Together they like to play board games, see movies, and go shopping. Martha's puppies Parker and Izzie have frequent play dates with Lauren's dogs Levi and Lacey.

Alysa Sandoval


Aly and Lauren met through a freshman course in Psychology back in 2012. Four years later they are still best friends and love to dance all night! Aly likes to throw birthday parties for her dogs that involve treats passed on a silver platter.

Matthew Florea


Matt and Lauren became friends all the way back in 2002. Being some of the first kids on Sandy Water Lane, Lauren, Matt and Sami used to go on adventures around the neighborhood all the time. From elementary through college, Matt has been one of Lauren's best and most trustworthy friends.

Chase Hale

Best Man

Chase is Luke's older brother, making them best friends from the start. Chase is one of the few who can truly make Luke laugh. Their best days have been spent in the pool, relaxing away in the sun.

Brandon Tyler Hale


As brothers, BT has taught Luke many things, including how to do a backflip. They like to frequently play basketball at the rec center, and challenge each other in sports.

Connor Marston


Cousins, Connor and Luke grew up together! When they were younger, they liked to take gokarts down hills at crazy speeds, and play jokes on each other. Since Connor moved from Seattle to Plano, they have grown even closer as adults than they were as children.

Antoine Fotre


Best friends since 10th grade, Tony and Luke did everything together. From being in the same English class, to taking Tony to the hospital when he broke his wrist, these two have a collection of stories.

Patrick Worsham


Introduced through work at Cinemark, Luke and Patrick became quick friends. After also having a math class together in college, Patrick became the Batman to Luke's Superman.

Daniel Bailey


Daniel and Luke were introduced through Nicole and Lauren. Nicole was dating Daniel, and through multiple double dates, Daniel and Luke hit it off! These two have a similar sense of humor and easygoing attitudes. They also enjoy annoying Nicole and Lauren in public....

Christian Canales


Luke met Christian through an intramural volleyball team during his first year at UTSA. They soon became roommates which allowed Luke, Lauren, Christian, and Martha to go on countless double dates and have the best game nights together. Christian is also really good at covering Drake ;)
Ashley Hegarty